Ajit Chandran and friends
Ajit Chandran and friends
Ajit Chandran and friends...
Ajit Chandranand friends...

2016 Sept Release>>>


Our 2016 Release

Melodious songs on Krishna, written by Asti Sreedharan Namboothiri and sung by Ajit, with the mesmerizing accompaniment of Nikhil Ram on flute and Baiju on Veena, arranged by Sunil Bhaskaran and Anil Malaparamba.


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Song Samples - Vennacharth
Vennacharth New Trailler V 2.mp3
MP3 audio file [9.4 MB]

Previous Albums / Stage / Casual Works


Krishna Vol 1 :Kannane Kanikaanaan 

- Released by Grihalakshmi Audios (Mathrubhumi) 2001

Lyrics: Kaithapram
Music: Ajit Chandran
Orchestration: Kaithapram Viswanathan


Kailaasamaay vara yaamini (Vighneswara sthuthi)
Guruvaayurengo dooreyennalum (Ajit) - Video Album
Kaalindi pOle (Ajit)
Kaalindi pOle (Sujatha)
ThaThaThaTha thaaLam
Yaadavaa! nin paadam puNarum (Ajit)
Yaadavaa! nin paadam puNarum (Sujatha)
Shyaama VrundaavanamaaNo (Ajit)

Kailaasamaay varaYaamini
Kailaasamaay varaYamini
Ganabeejamanthramaay vaakukaL
en manam Shreelakamaay
Gajamukhanaay Hrudayeswaran - Kaithapram
MP3 File [8.6 MB]
Guruvaayurengo dooreyennalum
Guruvaayoorengo doore ennaalum
kaNi kaaNaan ennuLLil mOham
2 guruvayoorengo.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.7 MB]
Kaalindi pOle
3 Kaalindi+pOle+-+Sujatha.MP3
MP3 File [6.8 MB]
ThaThaThaTha thaaLam
ThaThaThaTha ThaaLam
Shrungaara swarajathi mELam
kaNNa nin anangaVenuvil anuraagaSwaraYamuna
5 ThaThaThaTha+ThaaLam.MP3
MP3 File [6.7 MB]
Kaalindi pOle
Kaalindi pOle ozhukunnu kaalam
aalila pOle ozhukunnu mOham
6 Kaalindi+pOle+-+Ajit.MP3
MP3 File [6.8 MB]
Yaadavaa! nin paadam puNarum
Yaadava - Ajit
7 Yaadavaa - Ajit.MP3
MP3 File [8.1 MB]
Yaadavaa! nin paadam puNarum
Yaadavaa nin paadam puNarum
kaal chilambaayirunnengil
4 Yaadavaa - Sujatha.MP3
MP3 File [8.1 MB]
Shyaama VrundaavanamaaNo
Shyaama VrundaavanamaaNo
Saakshaal MadhurapuriyaNo
8 Shyaama+VrundaavanamaaNo.MP3
MP3 File [8.3 MB]


Opening with Hamsadhwani and Shree - Fusion of Carnatic, Western & Panchavaadyam

Opening in Hamsadhwani and Shree << Listen

- Fusion of Carnatic, Western and Panchavaadyam

Composed for the US tour of director Rajivnath and his team of Malayalam Film Stars in 2005. Choregraphed/performced by Movie star/dancer Divya Unni at venues across North America. Attempts two things: 1. To have the Dikshithar Kruthi 'Vaathaapi Ganapathim' accompanied by mrudangam, panchavadyam and western orchestration. 2. Demostrates how the sanchaara (musical phrase) of the line 'Veetharaginam Vinuthayoginam' in the krithi can be the basis for an orchestral interplay.


Opening in Hamsadhwani and Shree << Listen
MP3 File [8.2 MB]


Opening in 6-4-5 FOKANA 2002

Opening in 15 beat <<Listen
- Fusion of western orchestra, chenda, indian classical and indian folk music. Performed by 50 Chicago artists for the opening ceremony of FOKANA 2002 in Sheraton, Chicago. The opening is set to a beat of 15 that breaks as 6, 4 and 5 and then moves on to demonstrate a few different styles of Kerala music and culminates in a conversation of all of these styles. Choreographed by Janaki Anandavalli and Lakshmi Warrier.

Opening in 15 beat <<Listen
Opening in 15 beats
Opening in 15 beat - Ajit C 2002.mp3
MP3 audio file [5.7 MB]


Collaboration with Shyam Vai

'O Priya' - Album 'Chicago' by Shyam Vai (Tamil)
- Beautifully composed by Shyam Vai, rendered by Ajit. Album 'Chicago' 2004.



Honoring Dr. K. J. Yesudas
- Poem written by Umesh Nair, composed and rendered by Ajit Chandran to welcome Dr. K.J. Yesudas to a function hosted by Dr. M. Prasad in Hilton, Chicago to honor the legendary musician. This poem praises the dignity and honor Dasettan brought to the world of Music and how proud Keralam is to have given brith to him.


'Kanaka Chilanka Kilungi Kilungi'
- Ajit's version of how Changampuzha Krishnapilla would have imagined the maiden of Malayala Kavitha who danced in his dreams - radically different from the traditional style of reciting this peom.

To be published

Yet to be published:

- Geeths and Gazhals with Abhay Kukreja

- Lord Ayyappa kritis with Ram Rajendran

- Devi Sthuthikal with Rajiv Alunkal

- Naavamukundam with Sreekumar Thirunavaya

- Mizhiyazhaku with Narayanan Kartha and Biju Nair

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